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Hello! I'm Fulcrum, just some guy on the interwebs. This should (hopefully) be my Neocities landing page. I'm a design student and massive hater of the corporate social hellscape. Is my website well put-together? No! Do I like it? Kind of! I hope you do aswell, internet traveller :-) I have a webneko for you to play with, one of my social medias linked, and currently trying to wrangle music players. Make yourself at home, even if it does infrequently change over here!

05/06/23 - Overhauled the entire site.

06/06/23- Added this update log! Added real bio text.

19/09/23- Redesigned landing page. Planning to add a bokeh screensaver page. My awful update schedule becomes apparent :'-)

27/09/23- General maintenance. Images broke. Feelsbadman.